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About Us

Kingdom Energies Limited is on a mission to drastically increase its production of renewable energy by developing and operating high-quality facilities while respecting the environment and balancing the best interests of the host communities, partners, and investors in Kenya.

As a renewable energy company, we strongly believe:

  • That people should have access to reliable, affordable, clean and renewable energy.
  • Climate change is real. We believe that renewable energy is part of the solution to climate change.
  • In a level playing field for electricity procurement. We support carbon pricing or any other means of internalizing environmental and social costs in the price of electricity.
  • In the protection of our environment and in the responsible development of natural resources. We support a comprehensive and efficient regulatory and planning framework.
  • That social acceptance is the cornerstone of successful project development and that strong projects are built on long-term cooperation with stakeholders and by working in collaboration with First Nations and local communities.
  • In long-term sustainable development that balances social, environmental, and economic considerations.
  • In lasting relationships with our employees, our partners, and our external stakeholders built on respect, transparency, and integrity.